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All about the Preview

I tell all my bridal inquires simply: “make sure you have a preview.” Pictures and ideas can only do a vision so much justice until its executed and brought to life.  A preview allows you to bring your vision to life even if it’s only partially or only for a moment. A makeup & hair preview is exactly what dress shopping is. You try on dresses and veils until you get that ‘ahhh’ moment finding what you love best. Same with makeup and hair. After you’ve tested several makeup looks and hair designs with your jewelry, hair and colour scheme you get that same ‘ahhh’ moment. Now you’ve gotten a preview into how your completed and final look will be pulled together. No rush or scare on the big day.


§  Get a Preview – Your wedding day is NOT the day to test looks and wear. Getting a preview lets your test everything from lip and lid colours to lashes and longevity. Eliminate the stress of worrying and invest in a preview. You can have as many as your heart desires. Your bridal also allows you to meet and vibe with your artist. Get hands on feel for their style.

§  Makeup & Hair –You can schedule your preview any time before your wedding day but 2 months prior is suggested. It’s also nice to schedule your preview when you have something special going on. So it’s highly suggested if possible book both hair and makeup previews on the same day. This will allow you to get a more complete version of how you will look on your big day. While testing photography and true longevity; and if you need another preview, you’ll have time to do so.


§  Inspiration - Don’t be afraid to bring photos of looks. Your preview is the time to get creative. Pull from your dress style, colour, shoes, jewelry or location. But remember you want your look to be clean, classic & timeless for photos. So work with your artist in designing your customised look to select certain aspects here & there that will enhance your beauty specifically.

§  Question Session – Ask every question under the moon at your preview. It’s okie. Kill your curiosity about airbrush vs. traditional. Maybe lashes over extensions? Products/brands used? Or better yet, after your artist has customised your look start designing your attendants’ looks.


§  Mini Break - Most importantly, your preview is like a mini break in your planning. A mini pamper me session. With all the planning stress you may not always take a moment to stop and relax. Your preview provides you a breather to relax and enjoy the days to your upcoming nuptials. If done right you could make an entire day out of it. How? You ask. Select a makeup artist who is also a licensed esthetician and get a facial, maybe even waxing or lash extensions. Have both your makeup artist and hair stylist come to you. Add nails and make a date with hubby to be! ;)

 Til next time!

Ciao Bella