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This is a question that we get too often but love answering.
The short answer...we love what we do, find value & worth in our industry, and respect our clients so much that we strive to be the best of the best.
But what does that mean you still wonder? Well...keep reading on!



As artist we go far beyond the surface of what people perceive we do especially in the beauty industry. it's just makeup, nails and hair many say but that's not true. But as professionals we invest time, energy and sacrifice many things daily so we're present to be able to support and elevate some of your life's special moments. From weddings to baby showers and graduations we are there making you feel and look your happiest for those moments to be captured. And you know what? It's also a privilege to be present. Using beauty to commemorate some of the best and most special, precious moments in life that leave you with memories and photos or people feeling happy, confident and like themselves is what we seek to do. And that is priceless.

Remember when you hire any professional you are not only paying for only their time, but also their expertise, education, products, talent and so much more to guarantee that these priceless moments will be captured for eternity…the first time, without worry...effortless.


What are you getting?


The service is just a very small portion of what is involved in a personal beauty experience. The truth is time is the ultimate investment that one can never get back.
So what does basic a beauty experience look like from start to finish? Here’s a scaled down sample breakdown based on a simple client experience:

Client Consultation (via phone, email, text, etc)                        - 45mins -1hr
Research (style, trends, looks, design, product testing)              - 1-2 hours
Reservations (scheduling, reminder, confirmation, follow up)  - 30 - 60mins
Kit Prep                                                                                      - 30 - 60mins
Studio Prep for Reservation or                                                  - 15 - 30mins
Travel to Reservation                                                                  - 30 - 60mins
Beauty Session                                                                           - 60 - 90mins
Wrap, Clean, Depart                                                                    - 30mins

Now imagine bridal, corporate, editorial or fashion show prep! YES different things go into different types of services.


Licensed Aesthetician (in various states)
Licensed Manicurist (in various states)
Continuing Education
Countless practice hours
Product Testing & Review
& More


With running any business small or big there are always expenses. Some that can be accounted for and others for business "surprises".
Taxes (30-40%), tools, products, studio/booth rental, transportation, marketing, assistants, equipment, systems, website, education, professional/business licenses, business insurance, business permits, legal, accountant, marketing and much much more.  

Being an artist of any type is still a job like any other. The artist relies on that job to bring home a paycheck and contribute to household expenses just as anyone else would. When you see an artist that is offering services for little to no costs, it is almost guaranteed that they are not legal, tax-paying businesses, still in school, working as a hobbyist or not offering high quality work. This can sometime confuse clients and makes it hard for full time professional artists to sustain themselves in this career. 


Very important aspect of this profession as tools and products can come in contact with with multiple people in any given day. I have taken the proper educational courses and equipped my kit with the appropriate items to ensure the highest level of sanitation. This includes but not limited to keeping pets away from kit, deep cleanse weekly, use of disposables and even re-cleaning tools in front of clients. 


Experience of course comes with time, practice hard work and dedication. Time and practice allows us as artist to make mistakes and learn from them. We begin to grow our vision, know exactly what needs to be done, design by person and not by numbers in order to execute exceptional work. Dedication will be shown in how the artist learns to use their tools, equipment and products in order to get a desired result. Beauty artist professionals know the importance of the job they have and invest in themselves thousands of dollars (or more), hours on end and time away from friends/family to perfect their skills/techniques and continue learning in order to increase their experiences and provide the best of the best for their clients. With experience and practice comes better work, faster results and more. Like your favourite bottle of wine…with time it gets better and with that the investment increases.  


As artist not only do we have a natural eye for creativity but we are also trained in areas such as colour theory, composition, light, various application methods and more to know what may and may not work. We don't work by numbers or paint the same on every single person. And one of the best thing about hiring an artist is that we see what you may not which allows us to provide a well-composed look with the right size, detail, color and location to create your magical piece. Even though you may do it one way or someone else does it one way doesn't mean there arent other ways...it's okie to trust your artist you did hire them.


When you hire a professional artist based on their style you can be confident that the work commissioned will be of great quality, exactly what you were hoping for or better…the first time around every time. This is a professional that has worked hard, tested, tried, and practiced to ensure a level of consistency that makes you confident in the work they produce.


Not to be overlooked, professionals take time in designing the 'ideal client experience' that takes into consideration everything from start to  finish. We want your encounter with us to be effortlessly in reserving but memorable in service. We think about all the minor details that as a client may go unnoticed. But we take pride in knowing that our client experience is seamless before you even get to your session with us! After all each reservation should be an invitation for you to escape into a beauty self-care retreat...because you deserve it! With comfort as a high priority we equip the space with music, clean energy and great vibes. 


There is so much more to creating a complete beauty look than just a little bit of lipstick here or just putting hair up or just polishing a nail. Having you makeup done or nails painted is a treat and definitely not for everyone…it is a well deserved luxury! And if you find value in these luxuries I hope you find value and worth in the professionals we have worked hard to sustain in an ever changing, ever growing sometimes never appreciated industry. 

With gratitude!
-A Dope Chic Artist