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Bridal Beauty Timeline


Don’t worry, ½ of me is type A and timeline approved and the other ½ of me is a free spirited semi procrastinator so I understand the struggle sometimes. I know when it comes to planning a wedding, big or small, the stress level can be high and the details many. With so much planning beauty can sometimes suffer until last minute. Many forget looking radiant and picturesque on your special day takes some planning and even some months of work. To help dodge some last minute beauty disasters we’ve outlined the ultimate beauty timeline for every bride and even groom. This is just a helpful guide that should be adjusted to fit your specific need.

Our essential guide to what to do and when, for your bridal beauty regime will help keep you looking gorgeous from saying ‘yes’ to ‘I do’.


6 months

  • Increase water intake – 8oz +….good for your body, skin, hair and much more

  • Fitness & nutrition – what you put into your body reflects outwardly especially during high stress times

  • Some sort of stress reliever – relax with anything from yoga to dance, boxing or even painting

  • Start experimenting with hair colour and cuts

  • Skin care – find a fabulous esthetician

  • Start talking multi-vitamins, the planning process can be stressful and tiring, getting sick on top of it won't help!

  • Start exfoliating (if you don't already!) your face and body once a week

4 months

  • Preview/book your makeup artist – preview with various artists you like and book your appointment, dates go quickly

  • Preview/book your hairstylist

 2 months

  • Teeth whitening –simple home care kit will do or opt for a professional whitening

2 weeks

  • Brow redefinition - Have your brows waxed, threaded, or hand tweezed by a professional to find your perfect brow shape

  • Hair gloss, trim & colour

  • Body scrub treatment

1 week

  • Clean up brows if needed

  • If you want lash extensions – make an appointment for lashes that will last through the honeymoon

  • Waxing – bikini, arms, legs, etc.

  • Avoid salty food

  • Have your last gentle facial and discontinue using heavy exfoliates (i.e. glycolic acid) to give your skin time to recover.

  • If you're going down the fake tan route, remember less is more and get a spray tan 3 days before the wedding from an experienced technician

1 day

  • Drink lots of water

  • Pack emergency kit

  • Deep condition hair

  • Soft exfoliate

  • Mani/Pedi with the bridesmaids

  • Sleep!

  • Again….Stay hydrated!

Wedding Day!

  • Drink water

  • Moisturize head to toe – add a shimmer for a settle glow

  • Eat breakfast - important for energy and health, many brides forgot to eat during the festivities

  • Hair & makeup

  • Reflect

  • Smile :)

Relax and enjoy your day knowing that you will look your best…radiantly gorgeous. 

Til next time!

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