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You’re Engaged! Now What?!


The question was asked. You said yes! You told the family & VIPs. Now what?
Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting times of your life while also being the most daunting with all the excess hoopla. On top of it all, you and your partner may not know exactly where to start.
And for that, we are here to help! So, to help ease some of the stress we’ve created our top 8 things you may want to do after you’ve said yes to the ring.

1.      RELAX! And enjoy the moment.
So often we get caught up in all the excitement that we forget to truly celebrate and enjoy the moment with our significant other. Let’s LIVE in the moment! Try re-centering yourself with your partner by showing appreciation for none other than your relationship together…the past, present and what the future holds. Let this be a “pre-honeymoon phase.” So don’t rush, just yet, right into planning mode…love on each other.

2.      See your manicurist
If you don’t have one now, find yourself a great manicurist. He or she will most likely become a close friend during this time. From ring showing, to bridal rehearsal, bachelorette parties and finally the big day, you will be showing those pretty hands off so be prepared.

3.      See your esthetician
Invest in a great esthetician. Personally, I believe this is important in your daily life routine but becomes even more essential during the planning phase leading up until your wedding. Many may ask ‘why’? And the answer is simple… your face becomes the ‘it’ face. You start scheduling appointments with vendors and start meeting many new people. Secondly, with the added stress, yo-yo diets, increased workout routine, climate conditions and hormonal issues, impurities will begin to surface on your skin. Finally, you’ll not only have a facialist who will care for you skin but you’ll also have a professional wax artist and lash specialist providing you with consistency in someone you can trust. Having a trusted esthetician on hand will definitely help in combating any issues and maintaining a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

4.      Announce and celebrate
You’ve done all the above and now it’s time to continue to share with the world. This can mean anything from save the date photos or engagement party. Take this time to indulge in a photoshoot (or two) or having a small get to together with close family and friends.  


5.      Decide your timeline
Timing, timing, and timing. We all know timing is imperative. Weather you select a date or decide an engagement time length, timing is important in the planning process. But fear not, a timeline can be adjusted to fit the 6 month engagement period or the 2 years period. Be on the lookout for our beauty healthy timeline that covers when to book and what a preview really is about.

6.      Decide your budget
Decide your budget, outline who is responsible for what and stick to it. Simple. Remember to be realistic in your taste, your wants and the reality of your budget. This allows one to truly plan with limed to no hiccups.

7.      Get inspired
This is the time to get your creative juices flowing freely. You & your partner have absolute control on how everything looks. Draw inspiration from what makes you happy, what brought you guys together or perhaps a shared interest. Don’t be shy, sketch ideas, tear photos out magazines or pin them on the net. The sky is truly the limit so get creative, be BOLD and live that Luxe life.  

8.      Location
Believe it or not, your location is a major aspect of the planning process. Your location can also set the tone of the type of wedding you want. Is your location fall rustic? Or classic & elegant? Or is it a destination wedding on a beach front? Or maybe vintage inspired? The answer to this leads you to think about type of dress, colour scheme, to even your style of makeup and hair. You want everything to flow and look cohesive and it starts with the right location.

9.      Bonus: Vendors!!
Probably skipping many steps here’s a bonus tip. Don’t forget about your vendors. From Makeup & Hair Stylist to Photographers or catering do not leave any one to the last minute. Each individual vendor carries their own importance in their own right. Just because you may wear makeup daily but don’t cook doesn’t make the catering more valuable than a makeup artist. Don’t skip or skim on vendors because there is always someone in your price range. And when all else fails remember you get a better return when you invest probably or better yet…”you get what you pay for.”

-A Dope Chic Artist