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Wedding Looks: Male Grooming Edition

Yes, men need makeup and skincare too for their big day. Male grooming is very essential but often overlooked by both grooms and brides. Remember photos last a lifetime and we don’t want the groom washed out by a well pampered bride. Hire a professional Makeup Artist to take care of all the needs of both bride & groom.

Continue reading to enjoy some nice & simple male grooming tips for the wedding and don’t go overlooked on your styling needs.

Men are prone to blemishes, dark circles and redness just like any female; its life and skin is skin!! Guys don’t be afraid to see an esthetician to get a facial 2- 4 weeks prior to your wedding or any other special event. Get a full skin cleansing, analysis and even correct product that keeps your face properly moisturized, balanced and handsome.

Remember: A little goes a long way to cover blemishes, dark circles & reduce shine matte. Your makeup artist knows this so hire one and don’t be afraid of wearing just a little cover up and simple lip therapy to get your lips ready for that big kiss.


   Let’s be Classic
The wedding is usually the time to be classically sharp especially with the hair. Let’s try and stay away from trying new cuts, styles or colours to close to the wedding. But rather let’s focus on clean and classic styles. Keep the hair neat and clean by scheduling your haircut 1 week prior and if styling 2-3 days prior.

   Excess Body Hair
It seems many men aren’t privy to the world of classic barbershops and the full experience. Let me let you in on what you’re missing out on. Clean shaves with straight edge razor (or waxing), trimmed breads, hot steamy towels and much more. Step into one of these barbershops and have them groom those wild eyebrows, nose hair and even ear hair. Schedule your appointment 1-2 days prior.

Guys…this is where we have to have a one on one…if nothing else please show some love to the nails. At every wedding your hands and nails are the ‘key players’. Your nails are honestly the main focus and the photographer’s go to shot from presenting your hand to your bride, to the handing holding to the money shot of the rings.  Unshapely nails and dry hands can throw off a very special picture and moment.

   Pearly Whites
Along with those rings let your teeth sparkle and gleam. Schedule and basic cleaning & whiting months advance with your dentist or pick up a box of whitening strips to do the job.

Don’t over-do it – 2-3 sprays is all you need. Let your scent entice your bride not overwhelm her at the altar.  

 Grooms, get that groomed and healthy look without looking overly done. Don’t be forgotten on your special day too.

-A Dope Chic Artist