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What makes Bridal Makeup so Different?
I always get the question...."What makes Bridal Makeup different? or Why does it cost so much more?"
The answer is simple...it's the attention to detail, the personalisation, the luxury top of the line products and the knowledge to ensure that the makeup sustains for hours while looking gorgeous on film, camera, colour and black & white. Bridal makeup is an art that value must be found. As your bridal artist it is my job to make sure you not only love your look today but also love your look 15, 20, 30+ years from now.  That every flaw you disliked is camouflaged and every feature you love is enhanced. That every fine detailed is never overlooked. Bridal Makeup is different because it's not everyday makeup. It set's differently, translates differently and captures differently. Bridal makeup is unique and has a need of advance skill, a trained eye and experience. 

What's in my Kit?
....everyone wants to know! My kit holds a host of products both professional and consumer brands all of great quality. Products that I've researched and tested and those that made the cut made their way into the kit. My kit staples have been carefully curated to handle many situations, events, clientele and much more. 
My kit favourites include: KETT, Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Forever, Nars, YSL, Hourglass, Lorac and much more. 

Securing your date?
Minimum 50% retainer, along with signed contract is required to secure any date. Thereafter full payment must be completed 30 days prior to secured date. 

Is there a minimum to book you as an artist?
Yes. Wedding season can get extremely busy and in order to maintain order we require a minimum for each wedding requesting on-site service. 

Why should I hire a Professional Makeup Artist?
Hiring a professional bridal makeup artist is an essential part of your wedding. We are here as professionals to ensure that your makeup will be customised to your features and styled to last the entire wedding and reception while keeping you camera ready. Having invested in an amazing photographer, your wedding day is not the day to risk doing your own makeup or having a friend or family member do it and ruining those precious photos. A makeup artist is professionally trained and come armed with experience, techniques and tips to keep you looking and feeling your best but also making sure you look AMAZING in both video & photo...colour, black & white. Makeup artist come with an extensive kit of products and tools to sustain your look through hugs, kisses, dancing, heat and eating while remaining camera ready. We are here to help in any way and ease any stress. Remember, when all the food is gone and music as ended your photos will show you and generations to come the dress, hair, nails & makeup!

What is a Preview & why should I have one?
Bridal preview allows you and your artist to sit and design an exclusive look for your day. It is also an opportunity to sit with your artist and experience our services before your special day. This exclusive signature look will be designed based on various bridal looks you may admire and maybe wanted to try but never had a chance too. You will be able to discuss exactly what you envision and your artist will execute your desired look and correct any issues as well as test the elements prior to your wedding date, reducing any stress or shock on your special day. Previews are scheduled for 6 – 8 weeks prior to your secured wedding date.  Appointments are held according to artist’s availability and at location of artist’s choice.  All Bridal Previews are already included in all packages so we are able to design the best looks for all your bridal events.

When should I book?
Dates are secured on a 'first come, first served' bases as we only take a limited number of brides each year. To ensure that the date you want is available it is encouraged that you book anywhere from 6 months to 1 year in advance. Dates are confirmed with retainer and signed service contract.

Do we travel?
Of Course! Destination Weddings services are available for any and everywhere you desire. 
We provide excellent styling services to ensure that you have everything that makes you look and feel your best, making sure nothing is left to chance. You will be taken care of from rehearsal dinner to brunch to your big day and everything in between.
Please contact us for customised packages to fit your needs.

Airbrush vs. Traditional, which is best for me?
Application choice is at the discretion of the client and is dependent on personal preference. Airbrush is neither better or worse than traditional makeup but rather an advanced skill. With a different application method Airbrush melts effortless into the skin creating a natural glow. Allowing for easily build-able coverage and range, I can create a fully airbrushed look from eyes, to face, to lips and even tattoo cover-up.
KETT Airbrush Makeup is one of the leading brands in airbrush makeup. Water resistant, water based formula, long-wear, adjustable coverage, weightless and natural finish. KETT is hydrating, anti-oxidant rich, vegan, fragrance and paraben-free which makes it the best and the best is what I provide my brides. KETT airbrush makeup works wonders on ALL skin types and tones from everyday wear, special occasion, tattoo coverage to body art. 

I'm a Little to No Makeup Person..?
That is perfectly fine. We specialise in clean, soft, natural beauty looks. Ensuring that we are bringing out the best in all our clients and allowing them to see themselves when they look in the mirror. As artists there are techniques that can be used to keep you soft & radiant without looking too made up or overly done. It is imperative that you are comfortable in your look while still looking gorgeously you. During your preview is when we will design your customised look that makes you feel beautiful and look your best on your special day.

What services do you offer?
As well-rounded artists we are able to provide you with services that range but not limited to bridal makeup, corrective makeup, photoshoot services as well as personal shopping.  

What's the best way to secure my initial appointment?
Though all forms of contact are welcomed the best way to secure your initial appointment is by completing the Bridal Profile form located under the ‘BRIDAL’ tab. After completion the forms are reviewed reply and request for a Bridal Discovery Call is sent out within 24-48 hours.


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For the first timer and expert, answers to commonly asked questions to ease everyone's mind.

Are you a licensed and in good standing manicurist?
YES! I take my craft seriously enough to ensure that I did the work to become a licensed manicurist. I stay up to date by investing in continued education. 

Do you do manicures and pedicures?
Currently we do not do manicures or pedicures except for private clients or spa parties who meet a minimum service rate. Please contact for additional information. 

Do I have to get a fresh full set?
No, however re-balances (fill-ins) done over anyone else's work will not be guaranteed. No responsibility will be taken for lifting, breakage, chipping, etc.   

How are appointment times scheduled?
Appointment times are scheduled based on services requested and current conditions of nails.  When booking please know exactly what services designs and styles needed as minimal changes can be made during appointment in order to be considerate of appointments scheduled after yours.  

When should I get my re-balance?
It is recommended that nails are re-balanced every 2-3 weeks. Re-balance that occur 4+weeks after last appointment will result in a $35 fee.

I'm getting a full set, should I do anything to prepare?
If coming for a set, please ensure that your nails are free from any extensions or no-chip. Any residual product on your nails may result in a few.

I broke a nail or there's lifting?
If your nail breaks or you see lifting or chipping within 3 days of your services, please contact me immediately with a photo of damage and what occurred. A repair will be scheduled within 3 days.

How do I secure an appointment?
All appointments are currently booked via email. Please send requested date, time, services needed and photos if any to nails@oluwaseyialadeselu.com. Non-refundable deposit will be requested. 

What shapes can you do?

nail shapes.jpg


What are some important 'Dos' to remember?
Do remember to cleanse & moisturize daily to soften skin and hair.
Do remember to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells which encourages smooth skin and less ingrown hair.
Do schedule wax appointments 3-4 weeks apart.
Do wear loose breathable clothing to appointment.
Do inform us of all medication you are on, both orally & topically. Along with any medication conditions you may have. 

What are some important 'Don'ts' to remember?
Don't shave in between waxing appointments.
Don't exercise, sauna, hot bath or tan until 24 hours after waxing.
Don't exfoliate 48 hours before waxing and 48 hours after waxing.

To Wax or to Shave? Which is better?
Regular waxing helps reduce hair growth activity over time whereas shaving promotes hair growth over time. 

How long should be hair be to get waxed?
It is recommended that hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long, about the size of a grain of rice.

Should I trim before coming in for my wax?
Please do not trim your own hair as it may cause uneven areas. If your hair is extremely unruly be careful in trimming. 

Does waxing hurt? How much?
It's not as bad as you may think. With proper prep and communication the process will go by fast and the pain minimal. After your first or second time it will be a breeze. 

I'm prone to ingrown hair, what should I do?
The best way to combat ingrown hair is regular exfoliation and not picking or tweezing them yourself. 

Can I wax during pregnancy?
Yes, waxing is perfectly fine during pregnancy though you may be more sensitive. We do request a friend to accompany you after you enter your 7th month of pregnancy.